The VIP Mine is a semi-private mine available as part of the VIP game pass for 350 R$.


The VIP Mine is essentially a smaller version of the Home World mine that is in a separate zone. Only players who own the VIP pass may access it. Though the surface is 6x6 blocks, the mine widens at 10 blocks deep (when you pass the black wall).


The VIP Mine has a simple design, but is more decorated than the Private Mine. The zone has four lanterns, a sell area, a shop, and a portal that emits a bright dazzling light. It is surrounded by mountains.


To access the VIP Mine, you must own the VIP game pass. The portal to the mine is located inside the VIP area (near the quest-giver NPC, Miner Mike).

Known Issues

  • There have been instances where players were able to access the VIP Mine through game glitches/bugs without buying the VIP Mine
  • When the mine collapses, players in the VIP Mine will be teleported to the Main World's surface rather than the surface of the VIP Mine.
  • If exploited, the player can find 1 private mine, either owned by somebody or nobody. If there is nobody that owns a vip mine, there will be 1 in place when found. This can be reached by infinite jump, speed, and jump power combined. Though if you get there, it doesn't count that you got there. Once the mine collapses, you'll either be teleported back to the regular mines, or if glitched, there is a possibility you can spawn there.


  • The VIP mine is just as big as the regular mines.