Mining Simulator Wiki

Mining Simulator is one of the most popular games on Roblox right now. I'm going to break down some strategies so you can be the top 1% like me (Wizard101MythChamp.)

Getting Started

When you start the game I recommend using some codes to get instant coins. Here are some codes to help you get started:

Code Coin Value
Exclusive 50,000
WeBreakRoblox 20,000
Bread 10,000

**These codes may expire.

Just by putting in these codes, you can get 80,000 coins. With this, I recommend buying the Power Drill and the Cylinder Pack. With these its time to start mining.

For the first couple hours of gameplay, just keep mining ores (dig down and go for the expensive ores) and sell constantly to keep upgrading materials.

Eventually, it will help to get some Hats and Pets. You can use the following codes to redeem free Legendary Hats and Pets.

Code Reward
DiggingDeep Legendary Hat
SecretEgg Legendary Egg
SecretEggCode Legendary Egg
Grind Legendary Hat

**These codes may expire.

Open up these crates and equip what you get. Now resume your mining and keep repeating the process.


If you repeat the mine and sell and mine and sell process for long enough, you will be able to Rebirth. Please note: When you Rebirth all your non-permanent tools / backpacks reset. However, you will be granted 2x the ore value after you rebirth, to help you rebirth faster.

The Rebirth formula: 10,000,000x + 10,000,000 = total cost for a rebirth.

X = Amount of rebirths.

Keep repeating the process shown above to Rebirth. Also feel free to buy Omega Hat crates to get Legendary hats along the way.


Here are some of my Recommendations.

  • The best hat Combo in the game is: 3 Water Wings
  • Buying the Infinite Backpack & Shadow Bundle is totally worth it
  • Become a VIP for the 2x Ore Value bonus
  • Purchase the 2x Mining Speed / Value pass
  • Purchase the 2x Rebirth Token pass
  • Head to Dino Land after your 2nd Rebirth
  • For Rebirths 50+ mine about 200,000 Sandstone (in the Atlantic) and Rebirth (it takes about 45 seconds each time)
  • After you get atlantis you should rebirth farm! (get enough money to rebirth then find something valubale you can mine with a wooden pickaxe then rebirth and mine it)!

Good luck future Miner!