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This is fan-made content that does not exist in the game. Please be respectful of others' ideas.

Surprise surprise, the third update just came.¹

I have put on my user profile that im on a hiatus.

This means Mining Rank Ideas 3 will be postponed til Jan 1, 2019/futher notice.

Rank Rank Number Blocks Mined
can't blame a BARK for tryin' 153 Infinite³¹⁰⁰
<mark>H I A T U S 2</mark> 152 Infinite³⁰⁸⁸
H I A T U S 151 Infinite³⁰²⁸
T R A G E D Y O F H O P E L E S S N E S S - N U M B E R F O U R 150 Infinite³⁰⁰⁸
Miner^2 149 Infinite³⁰⁰²
somebody once told me the world is gonna mine me 148 Infinite³⁰⁰⁰
insert baldi doing default fortnite dance here 147 Infinite²⁸⁸⁸
dID SOMEBODY SAY PIZZA 146 Infinite²⁸²⁸
W O W 145 Infinite²⁸²²
Do you see this? 144 Infinite²⁶⁸⁸
The Miner of all Miners 143 Infinite²⁶⁸¹ 142 Infinite²⁵⁵⁵
Mining Rank Ideas Miner 141 Infinite²⁵⁰⁰
██████████████████████████v████_█_█████v█ 140 Infinite²²²²
██ 139 Infinite²²⁰²
l o l, t h e b r u h t e x t i s b a c c f o r m o a r. 138 Infinite²⁰⁰⁰
and repaired him/her using only flex tape, again. 137 Infinite¹⁸⁸⁸
Friend Miner 136 Infinite¹⁷⁷⁷
and repaired it using only flex tape 135 Infinite¹⁵⁸⁷
I SAWED THIS 🅱️OAT IN HALF 134 Infinite¹³³⁷
Boat Miner 133 Infinite¹²³⁴
Hmph. 132 Infinite¹¹¹¹
You're back for more? 131 Infinite¹⁰⁰⁰