This list is intended to help players avoid scams or bad trades. Feel free to add tips to this list, but try not to add tips that are already listed. 


Tip Creator Trading Tips
1 CrankyKongSaysGitGud Know your item. If you do not recognize the item DO NOT trade until you figure out if the item is worth your time, money, etc.
2 Wonkles If a trade offer sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't good to trade with them.
3 Wonkles & Vacaseba1234 Always know what the item you are trading is worth by checking their stats. Request items based off similar stats/rarities. You never want to appear as a person who overprices things, nor want to get ripped off.
4 Ilovejamaa74 & Qwerxes126 Make sure the item the person is offering is worth as much as the item you're offering. For example, a Rare for Rare is a good trade, while Mythical for Common is a bad trade.
5 Ilovejamaa74 If you have multiple copies of an item, it's a good idea to trade those that you don't need.
6 Hades4221 If someone has or offers you a lot of the same Legendary/Mythical item, (suspicious in the tens/hundreds or up, definitely a thousand) they are probably duplicated. Don't trade with those people.
7 LadybugYT Make sure you don't spam the trade, Because some people can go over 10 Mythicals, 100 Legendaries, or 50,000 Epics. And please check yours too, you don't wanna overdo it.
8 LadybugYT Do not leave the game when you said you'll borrow an item. You can't return to that server unless you friend that user. And please don't give it to another user. Then the user will keep it forever and ever unless you don't wanna trade now.
9 DigitalBroz9 Don't accept the trade immediately after putting your items in. If you do that, there is a huge chance you will be scammed.
10 Funnier04 Don't make double deal trades - just do everything in the same trade or don't do it.
11 Nina404 Do not trade Robux or real money for items, or items for Robux or real money.
12 Custardd & Makeit182 Try not to cross-trade with items in other games. Since you can only do one trade at a time, there's big chance you will get scammed (unless with a trusted person like a friend).
13 OoferGangForLife Don't trade things like Mythicals and Limiteds for any amount of Omega (or lower) crates.
14 111yxiao Always make sure to double, triple or quadruple check your trade menu to make sure all the items there are of interest to both parties and that no one put something in that wasn't agreed on.
15 NexiumRBLX If you are unsure of stats when trading items, make sure to check the wiki.
16 Hackeado1200BR Before cross-trading with someone, check if this person is on Blacklist. If they are, it is not a good idea to trade with this person, you will probably be scammed.
17 Furiousdude279 Before cross-trading make sure the person you're trading actually has the item you are trading for.
18 MasterXbobX If someone says they want to just borrow something, don't give them any items. For example, if they say they want to do multiple trades for one item, don't accept it. They just want your items for a cheap price.
19 MasterXbobX Examine the trade carefully as well as researching all the items. I lost a few mythicals because I thought an item was worth more than it was.
20 Chimeradark250 Don't trade a super valuable item like Super XL Clout Goggles or Galacticorn for any other limited hat, even if its 10 items of another limited hat (like Clout Goggles). However, if the item is only a bit less valuable (20% less), you can trade it for at least 3 of the item.
21 ElementsGuy101 If possible, have a middleman (someone watching the trade) when cross-trading or record, so if something happens you have proof.
22 RealZenOh If the other party has a item that was illegally obtained, its best not to trade for it. Report them to Rumble Studios also.
23 Brynda1231 Don't spam the trade button on the player you want to trade with, they'll only get annoyed by it and then click the "Disable Trading" button, which they won't get a notification in-game when you try to trade with them now.
24 TheSeal27 In the instance that you can use a screenshot/video recording software (or the in-game one), remember to, once you are almost done, take a screenshot of the trade and chat windows. This ensures you have solid evidence of everything that happened (or, at least, the items and player names). Also, don't be rushed; if someone is rushing you, it is wise to avoid that user altogether, presumably followed by a block.
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