The Beach is a zone added in the Beach Update on July 27, 2018. The requirement to enter is 10 rebirths. The builder of this world is Nosniy.


Layers are made from Sandstone rather than blocks, which are worth 40 Coin-icon. There is one NPC (non-playable character), Tanning Taya, who assigns quests.


This zone is based on the real plaza, but without water. Many beach mats, along with umbrellas, palms/trees, and beach balls can be seen. The Sell area is found at the rescue tower, and a sandcastle leads into the shop.

The Mine

Shop Items


Tool Price Coin-icon Mining Power Mining power-icon Speed Boost Mining speed-icon
Ice Cream Pickaxe 7,000,000 Coin-icon 550 Mining power-icon x150 Mining speed-icon
Golden Shovel 80,000,000 Coin-icon 850 Mining power-icon x225 Mining speed-icon


Backpack Price Coin-icon Storage Storage-icon
Beachball Pack 40,000,000 Coin-icon 2,500,000 Storage-icon
Water Jug 100,000,000 Coin-icon 11,000,000 Storage-icon
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