Tanning Taya is a quest giver found at The Beach, who gives out Stunna Shades after finishing her quest line. Her quests start from Hard, to an Extreme difficulty.


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Stunna Shades

Stunna Shades

Quest# Requirements Rewards
1 1,000,000 Sandstone

40 Sunscreen Ore

90 Rebirth Tokens

2 1,500,000 Sandstone

30 Shovel Ore

1 Rebirth

90 Rebirth Tokens
3 45 Sunglasses

2 Rebirths

Mythical Crate
4 Open Omega Hat Crate

40 Ice Pops

45 Ice Cream

Legendary Egg

5 5,000,000 Sandstone

1 Rebirth

100 Rebirth Tokens
6 3,000,000 Sandstone

40 Surfboard Ore

Mythical Hat Crate
7 27 Chlorite

32 Mithril

24 Orcalium

Mythical Egg
8 Hatch Omega Egg

Hatch Epic Egg

110 Rebirth Tokens
9 10 Rebirths 250 Rebirth Tokens
10 Equip Golden Shovel

5,000,000 Sandstone

30 Orcalium

5 Rebirths

Stunna Shades

After finishing Taya's quest line, more quests will be generated randomly, but a player won't recieve any more limited Hats. The rewards that Tanning Taya then gives to you are either Mythical Crates/Eggs or Rebirth Tokens.


  • Tanning Taya is one of the first female NPCs and quest givers, the other one being Candy Cassy. Both were introduced in the Quest Givers update.