Rebirth token
Rebirth Tokens are a form of currency used to buy valuable items from the Rebirth Shop, including top-tier cosmetics and permanent tools and backpacks (which are not lost upon rebirth). During the Anniversary 2019 Update, they could also have been used to purchase the Party Pet.


The most obvious way to acquire Rebirth Tokens is by rebirthing, granting 20 Rebirth Tokens each time you do so. However, several long-term objectives also provide these:

  • Quests can give Rebirth Tokens - the harder the quest, the more you'll get.
  • Evolving Pets gives tokens - the rarer the pet, the harder it is to level up and the more tokens you get for doing so. For each level, one level-up is equal to the following numbers: Common 1, Unique 4, Epic 6, Legendary 8, and Mythical 10.
  • Picking up rare Token related items, namely the Token Chest for 4 tokens, and the Tokens in coin rains that give 5.
  • Codes can be redeemed for one-off tokens.
  • At the end of the Halloween Event, Candy Corn were converted into Rebirth Tokens.
  • At the end of the Christmas Event, Candy Canes were converted into Rebirth Tokens.


The 2x Tokens Game Pass doubles tokens from Rebirths, evolving pets, quest rewards, and other means of collecting tokens.

Robux to Rebirth Tokens

Rebirth Tokens can be bought with Robux as of the Mythical Items update in early June 2018. In addition, buying 2x Tokens costs 400 R$.

  • 10 Icon-Robux = 20 Rebirth token-icon
  • 30 Icon-Robux = 60 Rebirth token-icon
  • 120 Icon-Robux = 240 Rebirth token-icon
  • 400 Icon-Robux = 800 Rebirth token-icon
  • 900 Icon-Robux = 2,000 Rebirth token-icon
  • 2,750 Icon-Robux = 8,000 Rebirth token-icon

Rebirth Shop

List of items currently available in the Rebirth shop: Tools can be enchanted with tokens' base and max enchant levels listed.

Items purchased with Rebirth Tokens are permanently unlocked and will stay with you when you rebirth.

List of items no longer available in the Rebirth shop:

Item Cost (Tokens) Info
Party Pet 1,250 Gives the player 1 Party Pet.

[2.20 value / 3.20 speed / x3.10 power]

Bacon Pet Hair 35,000 Gives the player 1 Bacon Pet Hair Accessory.

[2.75 value / 2.75 speed / +900 power]

Clout Goggles 50,000 Gives the player 1 Clout Goggles Hat.
[x2.5 value / x2.95 speed / +1337 power]
XL Clout Googles 100,000 Gives the player 1 Xl Clout Goggles Accessory.

[x3.0 value / x3.0 speed / +2000 power]

In addition, Rebirth Tokens can buy items not directly in the shop. Tools obtained with Robux or in a Pack can also be enchanted with tokens, and the Light Pack is able to be purchased for 35,000 Tokens.

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