Mining Simulator Wiki

These codes can only be redeemed during a Rumble Studios Twitch live stream. All of these codes require an account 5 days or older to redeem.

Invalid Codes

Code Reward
ObscureEntitySucks Twitch Dominus
JamiesSecretCode Twitchicorn
SecretTwitchPet Twitchicorn
AnotherCommonEgg Common Egg
SuperTokens 200 Rebirth Token 50 Rebirth Token
DominusTwitchCode Twitch Pet Dominus
CoolTwitchTexture Twitch Skin
GizliTwitchPet Nothing (Invalid)
genelgeri Nothing (Invalid)
TwitchWingsGemsUpdate Nothing (Invalid)

Confirmed Twitch Codes

Code Reward
DominusTwitchCode1 Twitch Pet Dominus
DominusTwitchCode2 Twitch Pet Dominus
EpicTwitchTrail Twitch Trail
EpicTwitchTrail2 Twitch Trail
EpicTwitchTrail3 Twitch Trail
ICanFly Twitch Wings
LotsOfClout Twitchiclout
TwitchicornPet Twitchicorn
BlobBlobBlob Twitchiblob
ShinyCommonEgg Shiny Common Egg
MythicalTwitchCode Mythical Hat Crate
MythicalTwitchCode2 Mythical Hat Crate
TooManyMythicals Mythical Hat Crate
Twitchier Mythical Hat Crate
TwitchMythical Mythical Hat Crate
Twitchy Mythical Accessory Crate
MtyhicalEgg Mythical Egg
TwitchLegendary Legendary Egg
CommonEgg Common Egg
Eggggs Common Egg
JamiesCmmonEgg Common Egg
JamieLovesThese Common Egg
SuperEpicTokens 300 Rebirth Token
TokenBonus 300 Rebirth Token
TonsOfTokens 300 Rebirth Token
TooManyTokens 300 Rebirth Token
TwitchTokens 300 Rebirth Token
AmazingTwitchCodes 250 Rebirth Token
CoolTwitchCodes 250 Rebirth Token
EvenMoreTokens 250 Rebirth Token
EvenMoreTokens2 250 Rebirth Token
SuperTwitchCode 250 Rebirth Token
TokensTwitch 250 Rebirth Token
TokensTwitch2 250 Rebirth Token
TwitchTokens2 250 Rebirth Token
BigCoins 100,000 Coin
BigCoins2 100,000 Coin
JamieCanSing 100,000 Coin
SecretTwitchCode 100,000 Coin
SuperCoins 100,000 Coin
TwitchCandyBonus 300Candy Corn (Halloween only)
TwitchTokenBonus 300Candy Corn (Halloween only)
LotsOfCandy 150Candy Corn (Halloween only)
LotsOfCandy2 150Candy Corn (Halloween only)
SpookyTwitchCode 150Candy Corn (Halloween only)
SpoopyTwitchCode 150Candy Corn (Halloween only)
CandyCanes 250Candy Cane
EvenMoreCandy 300Candy Cane
TwitchChristmas 1,000Candy Cane
MythicalChristmas Mythical Egg