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Username Rank Date Promoted
Db153 (Luminaire#0503) Bureaucrat, Administrator May 8, 2018
GpaSarge6 (GpaSarge6#8131) Bureaucrat, Administrator July 9, 2019
Sid2121 (Sid#8599) Content & Discussions Moderator August 3, 2018
Mystard101 (Mystard#9860) Content & Discussions Moderator December 6, 2018
TotallyNotJullian (Jullian#0001) Content & Discussions Moderator July 7, 2019
ElementsGuy101 Content & Discussions Moderator July 16, 2019
TheSeal27 Discussions Moderator June 20, 2019


Username Rank Status Last Seen
Deeeno Bureaucrat, Administrator Inactive July 2019
KittyMeowMeowZoey Bureaucrat Unknown April 2018
TmiFiller Administrator Retired (mostly) December 2018
SirAdven Administrator Unknown October 2018
DatBoiAJ Content & Discussions Moderator Unknown April 2019
LukasHunter29 Discussions Moderator Unknown July 2019
NexiumRBLX Discussions Moderator Unknown May 2019
TADDYBOYZZ Discussions Moderator Unknown May 2019
ItsGames2018 Discussions Moderator Unknown March 2019
Jjooee5050 Discussions Moderator Unknown March 2019


Username Rank Status Last Seen
Technobliterator Vanguard, Wiki Manager Active July 2019


Username Rank Reason Last Seen
PhoenixEvolver Founder, Former Bureaucrat & Administrator Retired February 2019
Du Poisson Former Content & Discussions Moderator Retired August 2018
Whill Pro Former Discussions Moderator Retired July 2019
UNDERSCOREjambrose Former Discussions Moderator Retired April 2019
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