The Legendary Hat Crate is the second best non-limited hat crate type in the game. They can be purchased with Robux or Rebirth Tokens. They are awarded at the end of some quests, and they may also be obtained by active codes.

Hat Rarity Chances

Common 0%
Unique 0%
Rare 0%
Epic 0%
Legendary 95%
Mythical 5%

Ease of Obtaining

Without the 2x Tokens gamepass, it requires at least 9 Rebirths to purchase this item in the Rebirth Shop. 

With the 2x Tokens gamepass, it requires at least 5 Rebirths to purchase this item in the Rebirth Shop.

This is assuming you have not obtained any tokens via other means.


  • This item is commonly duplicated by duplicaters/exploiters.
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