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This article is about Halloween 2019 Shop. You may be looking for the Halloween 2018 Shop.

Halloween Shop, 2019

Halloween Shop.png

The Halloween 2019 Shop was an event shop open during the Halloween 2019 event, which lasted from 10/12/2019 to 11/29/2019. Eight Halloween-themed hats could have been purchased here for Rebirth Tokens, including the best hat to date, the Deadly Dark Dominus.

Name Jump Power Coin Ore Value Mining Speed Mining Speed Mining Power Mining Power Price (Rebirth Token) Image
Bat Bowler +15 40
Bat Bowler.png
Dark Horns +30 50
Dark Horns.png
Horror Wings +30 60
Horror Wings.png
Skeleton Crown x1.30 +15 100
Skeleton Crown R.png
Dark Conjurer x1.35 +16 225
Dark Conjurer.png
Sinister F +12 x1.65 +70 1,100
Sinister F Roblox.png
Pumpkin Kid x2.90 x3.25 +1000 22,500
Pumpkin Kid.png
Deadly Dark Dominus x4.0 x4.0 +2500 100,000
DeadlyDarkDominus Roblox .png


  • The Halloween Shop is now hidden outside the map. Once located the hats can still be purchased.