Game Passes are upgrades that can be purchased with Robux (Icon-Robux). The following Game Passes are available in Mining Simulator (editor’s notes are marked with square brackets [ ]): Items marked with an asterisk (*) are no longer available.

List of Game Passes

2x Dig

2x Dig
Doubles your mining power and your mining speed on all tools.
Cost: 149 Icon-Robux

Infinite Storage

Infinite Storage
Infinite Storage allows the player to never run out of backpack space. [Unlocks the Quantum Backpack.]
Cost: 799 Icon-Robux


Nuke pass
Do massive damage in a massive area. Gain new nuke tool that you can use as many times as you want! (Gives 20% Stone Value) [This item saves when you rebirth.]
Cost: 499 Icon-Robux


You move twice as fast as other players.
Cost: 49 Icon-Robux

Teleporter Pad

Teleporter Pad
Gives you a teleporter! Place it down on a block to teleport there anytime! (Saves when you rebirth.)
Cost: 149 Icon-Robux


Unlocks the following:
2x Ore Value, VIP Name Tag, VIP Chat Color, VIP Only Mine
Cost: 349 Icon-Robux

Collapse Meter

Collapse Meter
Purchasing this will warn you in advance before the mine collapses.
Cost: 79 Icon-Robux

Radio *

Play your favorite songs for everyone to hear. [This item is no longer available.]
Cost: 500 Icon-Robux

Mythical Scythe

Gamepass-Mythical Scythe (current)
Unlock the elegant, Mythical Scythe that has 175 Mining Speed and 1,750 Mining Power.

[This item saves when you rebirth.]
Cost: 4,999 Icon-Robux

Space Pass

Space Pass
Tired of mining 500k blocks to get to space? Buy this and instantly go to space where ore is worth more! (You don't need to buy this if you have 500k blocks mined.)
Cost: 275 Icon-Robux

Private Mine

Private Mine
Tired of people coming and stealing your valuable ore before you mine it, but still want you be in the same server as your friends? Buy this and own an exclusive Private Mine. Your friends can join you too!
Cost: 149 Icon-Robux

Skip/Next Crate

Skip Next Crate
This Game Pass allows you to skip the crate spinning animation to show you the item you earned right away. You'll open a lot more a lot faster with this! You can also open your next crate instantly.
Cost: 349 Icon-Robux

Candy Land Pass

Candy Land Pass
Instantly travel to Candy Land without having to get 1 rebirth. In Candy Land, you can get exclusive tools and ores! (If you have 1 rebirth, you do not need this.)
Cost: 200 Icon-Robux

Auto Egg Equip

Gamepass-Egg Equip
Auto equips your next egg so you don't have to!
Cost: 249 Icon-Robux

2x Tokens

2x Tokens
Earn twice as many tokens when you rebirth! (40 Tokens instead of 20 Tokens)
Cost: 399 Icon-Robux

2x Shiny Chance

2x Shiny Chance Pass
Get a 2x better chance of hatching a Shiny Pet
Cost: 249 Icon-Robux

Lucky Pass

Gamepass-Lucky Pass
Gives a 2x better chance of getting Legendaries and a 3x better chance of getting Mythicals
Cost: 449 Icon-Robux

2x Candy Corn *

2x Candy Corn
Get 2x the Candy Corn from rewards during the Halloween Event!
[Automatically redeemed for 1,250 Rebirth token-icon after]

Cost: 300 Icon-Robux

Magic Forest Pass

Magic Forest Pass
Instanly teleport to the Magic Forest without getting the requirements!

Cost: 300 Icon-Robux

2x Candy Canes *

2x Candy Canes
Get 2x the Candy Canes from rewards during the Christmas Event!

Cost: 400 Icon-Robux


This section lists products that are not game passes, but instead purchasable item packs in the game that can be bought multiple times.

Starter Pack

This pack is available for new players in the first 24 hours of joining. It includes the Mattock tool, the Military Pack, and 1,750 coins.
Cost: 225 Icon-Robux

Shadow Pack

Shadow Pack
The Shadow Pack includes the Shadow Sickle tool, Shadow Dominus hat, and Shadow Unicorn pet.
Cost: 1299 Icon-Robux

Easter Pack *

This pack was available during the Easter 2018 event. It included the Bunny Ears hat, Bunnies skin, and a Legendary Egg.
Cost: 375 Icon-Robux

Patriotic Pack *

This pack was available during Memorial Week 2018. It included the Patriotic Dominus hat, Patriotic Unicorn pet, and Patriot skin.
Cost: 499 Icon-Robux

July 4th Pack *

July 4th Pack
This pack was available during Independence Day 2018. It included the Wings of a Patriot hat, Patriotic Blob pet, and Starry Patriot skin.
Cost: 999 Icon-Robux

Light Pack

The Light Pack includes the Sword of Light tool, Light Dominus hat and Light Pupper pet.
Cost: 1899 Icon-Robux or 35,000 Rebirth token-icon

Haunted Pack *

The Haunted Pack was available during Halloween 2018. It included the Haunted Dominus hat, Reaper pet, and Pumpkin Inferno skin.
Cost: 999 Icon-Robux or 45,000 Rebirth token-icon

Darkness Pack *

The Darkness Pack was available during Halloween 2018. It included the mythical Dark Dominus hat, Dark Eyeball pet (1/50, or 2% chance to be shiny), and Dark Wings accessory.
Cost: 599 Icon-Robux or 22,500 Rebirth token-icon

Inferno Pack *

Inferno Pack (Gamepass)
The Inferno Pack included the Inferno Dominus hat, Inferno Wings hat, and Infernocorn pet (1/50, or 2% chance to be shiny).
Cost: 599 Icon-Robux or 22,500 Rebirth token-icon

Christmas Pack *

Christmas Pack
The Christmas Pack was available during the 2018 Christmas Event. It included the Christmas Dominus hat, Christmas Wings hat, and Christmas Blob pet (1/50, or 2% chance to be shiny).
Cost: 599 Icon-Robux or 22,500 Rebirth token-icon
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