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Discord is a relatively new way of communication being used mainly by gamers. Since it was publicly released in 2015, it remains the most popular platform when choosing how to communicate with your friends while gaming.

Mining Simulator's Discord Server

The Mining Simulator community wouldn't be left out of that, so the game has its own official Discord server . To join the server, simply click the embedded link and you will soon be granted access. This server also includes other games by Rumble Studios, and is also a good method to directly message owners and/or other players.

Community Server Advantages

Mining Simulator Server welcomes everyone and joining will give you some sneak peaks of every new update, just like in Isaac's Twitter . Any new Codes will be posted there, as well. Chats can be used to quickly message other players for help, to share information, or just to chat.

An official giveaway can be done on the server, where one (or more) random people that rate the post get an item. Public links to VIP Servers and streams, including the official one on Twitch, are available.

There is also a trade chat here, similar to the Wiki's, but much more flexible for the user. If you find someone with an offer, you can just chat privately and negotiate with users.

It's fairly simple to report a those who don't follow the rules under the report section; and if you have reasonable proof, the user will generally be punished.

Stand Out When Trading

Colorful Code Block Example.png

The trade chat, with over 40,000 people in the same server, may become a bit messy. However, with Discord's markdown technology you can create colorful code blocks, like in the following image. These are used for people sharing codes in Discord and certain syntax are colored to separate certain key words. If you also want your offer to look like this, go on this offer creator website and if you have any difficulties, watch this video.


  • The word "Discord" is censored on Roblox, but is easily bypassed by saying "dis", "disk", or "disc", or "disco". This is likely to prevent external communication between users.