Crystal Cavern is a zone added in the Crystal update on September 21, 2018. It requires 20 Rebirths to unlock.


Layers are made from Cave Stone. There is one NPC (non-player character) in Crystal Cavern, ObscureEntity. He is currently the most difficult quest giver. Cave Stone is the most common block, and Crystal Stone currently gives the most coins per 1 block in the game.


Crystal Cavern is the only zone based inside a cave. It is decorated with pillars and glowing crystals of various colors. The portal is also made of pillars. Crystal Cavern's shop is a pickaxe and the sell area is a crashed minecart filled with gems. The path consists of brown planks/bricks and is lit by stone braziers.


  • The music used at the surface of Crystal Caverns is the music you hear when mining at layers 4-5 in any world prior to the Sir Minesalot Event.
    • The name of the music is called "The Broken", and was composed by BSlick.

The Mine



Tool Price Mining Power Speed Boost
Crystal Blade 120,000,000 1,000 x215


Name Price Storage
Crystal Bucket 70,000,000 20,000,000
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