Coins are the main currency in Mining Simulator.

Obtaining Coins

Coins are earned by selling ore and stone at the blacksmith, mining chests, or selling items from your inventory. The amount of coins gained from selling ore can be increased by equipping hats and pets with the Ore Value stat. Rebirthing will also increase the player's Ore Value multiplier.

Coins may also be purchased with Robux or awarded from promotional codes. There are currently 36 promotional codes in-game that award coins.

List of coin prices:
Cost (R$) Coin Amount Cost (R$) Coin Amount
5 400 70 5,600
10 800 436 35,000
30 2,400 900 100,000

Spending Coins

Coins are used to purchase most items in-game. Tools, backpacks, crates, and eggs are all purchasable with coins (excluding Rebirth and Legendary items). Coins cannot be transferred/traded directly to other players.

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