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Tools are utilities required to mine ore in Mining Simulator. Tools are obtainable by purchasing them from the in-game shops (with Coin-icon or Rebirth token-icon), or obtained from game passes. Prices scale upwards with every Rebirth.

It is worth noting that items priced in Robux (R$), or bought with rebirth tokens, will be permanently unlocked once purchased. These can be enchanted for greater mining power and speed boosts (excluding explosives). Also, the price listed for the Shadow Sickle is actually for the Shadow Pack (which includes a hat and pet in addition to the tool).

All the tools can have a skin equipped to it to give a different appearance than the original one. All mythical skins will increase ore value, mining speed and mining power.

Tool Characteristics

Mining power
Mining Power
Mining Power is the stat that determines how much quantity of an ore is received after a full cycle. For example, a tool with 1,000 Mining Power will take 1,000 Stone from a 20,000 block of Stone after a full cycle to make it 19,000 Stone and so forth.
Mining speed
Speed Boost
Speed Boost indicates how quickly a tool goes through a full cycle when mining. A faster Speed Boost stat equates to faster cycles, however the actual time taken to fully mine a block will also depend on the user's Mining Power stat and the density of the block being mined. This stat is also the basis if ores can be mined or not.
Blast size
Blast Size
Since the Explosive tools do not have to continuously mine blocks, they have a Blast Size attribute instead of Speed Boost. This indicates how large an Explosive's radius will be once it explodes, and larger Blast Size attributes equate to larger areas of explosions.


Efficiency, for non explosives, is Mining Power * Speed Boost. It is used to determine the effectiveness of a tool overall, though having a cosmetic (other than pet) directly increases Mining Power. Said increase is affected more by Speed Boost, but having a higher mining power may let you go through less cycles. The number is relative to a Wooden Pickaxe, with a 1*1=1 efficiency. Efficiency calculator (make a copy to edit) -

Rebirth Shop

Unlike other tools, these are purchased with Rebirth Tokens instead of Coins and the shop itself can be accessed at any vendor. Rebirth Shop tools are permanently unlocked once purchased, which means they are not lost after the user performs a Rebirth.

Tool List

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