Skins are textures that can be applied to both your tool and your backpack. Most skins are purely cosmetic, though Mythical Skins give buffs to mining. A single skin can be applied to both tool and backpack and give increases for both slots. They are obtained from skin crates, which are purchased at the coin shop, gotten from quests, or given by codes. Some skins can also be directly obtained by redeeming codes. There are currently 121 Skins in the game, excluding the Default skin.

The game states that you can obtain 103 skins, but limited skins and the default can increase the counter to 121. You can acquire the Super Texture Collector badge by owning (any) 103 skins.


Codes can be used to redeem certain skins, some of which are only obtainable through codes. The codes are listed below:

  • Abstract - Abstract skin
  • Comic - Comic skin
  • Lamb Sauce - Lamb Sauce skin
  • PinkArmySkin - Pink Army skin
  • Retro - Retro Gamer skin (code only)

List of Skins

List Key


Formatting Meaning Mythical: Format Meaning
Name Italic Code Item Stat Bold Best Stat Overall
Underline+Italic Unavailable Item Underline Worst Stat Overall
  • Bunnies was available during the Easter 2018 event as part of the Easter Pack for 375 Icon-Robux.
  • Eggs was available during the Easter 2018 event in crates or by completing a special quest.
  • Patriot was available as part of the Patriotic Pack for 499 Icon-Robux to celebrate Memorial Day 2018.
  • Starry Patriot was available as part of the July 4th Pack for 999 Icon-Robux to celebrate Independence Day 2018.
  • Pumpkin Inferno was available as part of the Haunted Pack for 999 Icon-Robux or 45,000 Rebirth token-icon to celebrate Halloween, 2018.

List of Skins

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