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Hats are items that can be obtained from opening any of the 6 different rarities of Hat Crates, from trading with other players, certain quests, and occasionally obtaining limited hats from Game Passes. There are currently 101 different non-limited hats to be collected, with more that are.

You may wear up to 3 hats at any one time. Each hat has certain multipliers (Mining Power/Speed, Ore Value, and Jump). These effects stack on the base of the Tool that you are using but not with other hats. For example, three hats with a 2x mining speed multiplier would total to 2+2+2 = 6* and not 2×2×2 = 8*.

Upon collecting every Non-Limited hat in the game (those obtainable via crates), you will be awarded the 'Super Hat Collector' badge.

List of Hats

List Key
Formatting Meaning Format Meaning
Name Italic Robux Item Stat Bold Best Stat In Category
Underline+Italic Unavailable Item Underline Worst Stat In Category

Mythical Hats
Hat Name Coin Ore Value Mining Speed Mining Speed Mining Power Mining Power Image
Bunny Ears x2.2 x2.0 +400
Bunny Ears.png
Christmas Clout x3.0 x3.5 +2000
Christmas Clout.png
Christmas Dominus x2.9 x2.8 +750
Christmas Dominus.png
Christmas Wings x3.0 x2.7 +750
Christmas Wings.png
Clout Goggles x2.5 x2.95 +1337
Clout Goggles (Hat).png
Crimson Dominus x2.5 x2.0 +500
Crimson Dominus.png
Crystal Dominus x2.5 x2.6 +750
Crystal Dominus.png
Dark Dominus x2.55 x2.4 +700
Dark Dominus.png
Deadly Dark Dominus x4.00 x4.00 +2,500
Deadly Dark Dominus.png
Demon Tail x2.5 x2.6 +700
Demon Tail.png
Eerie Pumpkin x2.8 x3.25 +1500
Eerie Pumpkin.png
Essence Wings x1.5 x2.35 +600
Essence Wings.png
Fire Tail x2.6 x2.3 +600
Fire Tail.png
Frost Tail x2.4 x2.5 +650
Frost Tail.png
Golden Wings x1.25 x3.0 +550
Golden Wings.png
Haunted Dominus x2.6 x2.7 +800
Haunted Dominus.png
Halloween Clout Goggles x2.8 x3.0 +1100
Halloween Clout Goggles.png
Halloween Top Hat x2.4 x2.7 +700
Halloween Top Hat.png
Headless x2.5 x2.5 +800
Ice Dragon Wings x2.5 x2.5 +800
Ice Dragon Wings.png
Ice Skull x2.3 x2.65 +600
Ice Skull.png
Inferno Dominus x2.7 x2.6 +650
Inferno Dominus.png
Inferno Wings x2.9 x2.5 +700
Inferno Wings.png
Lava Hair x2.3 x2.65 +600
Lava Hair.png
Light Dominus x2.6 x2.6 +600
Light Dominus.png
Lightning Dominus x1.5 x2.25 +450
Lightning Dominus.png
Like a Sir x2.45 x2.75 +1000
Like a Sir.png
Magma Wings x2.8 x2.9 +760
Magma Wings.png
Magma Top Hat x2.5 x2.5 +800
Magma Top Hat.png
Midnight Reaper x2.6 x2.65 +800
Midnight Reaper.png
Midnight Sorcerer x2.6 x2.8 +800
Midnight Sorcerer.png
Neon Bunny Ears x2.3 x2.1 +450
Neon Bunny Ears.png
Phantom Dominus x2.7 x2.3 +550
Phantom Dominus.png
Pumpkin Fedora x2.8 x2.9 +760
Pumpkin Fedora.png
Pumpkin Kid x2.9 x3.25 +1000
Pumpkin Kid.png
Rainbow Wings x2.2 x2.2 +480
Rainbow Wings.png
Royal Top Hat x2.5 x2.0 +500
Royal Top Hat.png
Sam's Snorkel x2.1 x2.0 +325
Sam's Snorkel.png
Santa's Hat x2.6 x2.8 +800
Santa's Hat.png
Sinister M x2.4 x2.7 +750
Sinister M.png
Skeletal Wings x2.4 x2.7 +700
Skeletal Wings.png
Storm Dominus x1.35 x2.0 +750
Storm Dominus.png
Stunna Shades x2.15 x2.1 +425
Stunna Shades.png
Super XL Clout Goggles x3.0 x3.4 +1750
Super XL Clout Goggles.png
Twitch Dominus x2.2 x2.1 +350
Twitch Dominus.png
Twitch Wings x2.3 x2.4 +450
Twitch Wings.png
Water Wings x2.6 x2.3 +500
Water Wings.png
Wings of a Patriot x2.5 x2.9 +750
Wings of a Patriot.png
Wings of Fire x2.2 x2.6 +400
Wings of Fire.png

Legendary Hats
Hat Name Jump Power Coin Ore Value Mining Speed Mining Speed Mining Power Mining Power Image
Alien +15 x1.55 +75 Gray Alien.png
Angelic Wings x1.3 x2.0 Angelic Wings.png
Azurewrath x1.8 +325 Azurewrath.png
Bacon Hair x1.4 x1.5 +125 Bacon Hair.png
Blue Sparkle Time +10 x1.65 +70 Blue Sparkle Time.png
Bluesteel Fedora +5 x1.35 +100 Bluesteel Fedora.png
Boss White Hat +550 Boss White Hat.png
Chef Hat x1.4 x1.4 +100 Chef Hat.png
Chicken Goggles x1.4 x1.5 +250 Chicken Goggles.png
Chicken Head +10 x1.65 +70 Chicken head.png
Cyber Dominus x1.2 x1.45 +300 Cyber Dominus.png
Demon Horns x1.6 x1.8 +225 Demon Horns.png
Dominus Astra x1.1 +110 Dominus Astra.png
Dominus Aureus x1.3 x1.4 +125 Dominus Aureus.png
Dominus Empyreus +5 x1.45 +60 Dominus Empyreus.png
Dominus Frigidus x1.1 +50 Dominus Frigidus.png
Dominus Infernus +250 Dominus Infernus.png
Dominus Messor x1.6 x1.35 Dominus Messor.png
Dominus Praefectus x1.3 x1.6 +50 Dominus Praefectus.png
Dominus Rex x1.5 x1.65 Dominus Rex.png
Dominus Vespertilio x1.3 +250 Dominus Vespertilio.png
Doombringer x1.5 x1.9 +75 Doombringer.png
Electric Dominus x1.1 x1.8 Electric Dominus.png
Fire Dominus x1.5 +50 Fire Dominus.png
Flaming Headphones x1.1 +110 Flaming Headphones.png
Galaxy Dominus x2.25 Galaxy Dominus.png
Gravestone "x1.5 x1.8 +215 Gravestone.png
Green Sparkle Time +10 x1.55 +80 Green Sparkle Time.png
Halloween Headrow x1.8 +500 Halloween Headrow.png
Ice Crown x2.2 Ice Crown.png
Ice Shades x1.6 x1.8 +225 Ice Shades.png
Ice Wings x1.8 x1.8 +190 Ice Wings.png
Interstellar Wings x1.4 x1.8 +100 Interstellar Wings.png
JJ5x5's White Top Hat x1.25 +150 JJ5x5's White Top Hat.png
Lady of the Federation +5 x1.5 +150 Lady of the Federation.png
Midnight Hair x1.1 +120 Midnight Hair.png
OOF Head x1.6 x1.5 +250 OOF Head.png
Orange Sparkle Time x1.4 +150 Orange Sparkle Time.png
Patriotic Dominus x1.4 x2.1 +250 Patriotic Dominus.png
Pink Sparkle Time x1.6 +125 Pink Sparkle Time.png
Plasma Dominus x1.5 x2.1 +25 Plasma Dominus.png
Prehistoric Adventurer x1.45 x1.6 +350 Prehistoric Adventurer.png
Purple Sparkle Time x1.1 +75 Purple Sparkle Time.png
Rainbow Shaggy x1.1 +75 Rainbow Shaggy.png
Red Bandana x2.2 Red Bandana.png
Red Grind x1.5 +300 Red Grind.png
Red Sparkle Time x1.45 x1.1 +100 Red Sparkle Time.png
Robot Head x1.3 x1.2 +150 Robot Head.png
Scary Hood x1.1 +225 Scary Hood.png
Shadow Dominus x1.9 x1.5 +100 Shadow Dominus.png
Sinister F +12 x1.65 +70
Sinister F Roblox.png
Sky Blue Sparkle Time Fedora +125 Sky Blue Sparkle Time Fedora.png
Sparkle Time Valkyrie x1.4 +350 Sparkle Time Valkyrie.png
The Dusekkar x1.75 +450 The Dusekkar.png
Tix Dominus x1.5 x1.75 +200 Tix Dominus.png
Wanwood Antlers +3 +50 Wanwood Antlers.png
Wanwood Shades x1.8 +325 Wanwood Shades.png
White Sparkle Time x1.5 +50 White Sparkle Time.png

Epic Hats
Hat Name Jump Power Coin Ore Value Mining Speed Mining Speed Mining Power Mining Power Image
Amethyst Headphones x1.1 Amethyst Headphones.png
Angry Bull x1.25 +14 Angry Bull.png
Black Sparkle Time +5 +35 Black Sparkle Time.png
Blackvalk +6 +50 Blackvalk.png
Bluesteel Domino Crown x1.1 Bluesteel Domino Crown.png
Chocolate Top Hat x1.4 +175 Chocolate Top Hat.png
Chrysophylax +15 Chrysophylax.png
Dark Assassin x1.1 Dark Assassin.png
Dark Conjurer x1.35 +16
Dark Conjurer.png
Dark Lord +60 Dark Lord.png
Disgraced Baron of the Federation +5 x1.1 Disgraced Baron of the Federation.png
Domino Crown x1.1 +10 Domino Crown.png
Duke Federation x1.1 Duke Federation.png
Emerald Headphones x1.1 Emerald Headphones.png
Fallen Federation x1.15 +35 Fallen Federation.png
Gladiator x1.1 +40 Gladiator.png
Kleos x1.2 Kleos.png
Mining Helmet x1.25 +120 Mining Helmet.png
Pink Diamond Headphones x1.1 +25 Pink Diamond Headphones.png
Red Domino x1.1 +25 Red Domino.png
Rubywrath Dragon +40 Rubywrath Dragon.png
Sapphire Headphones x1.1 +30 Sapphire Headphones.png
Sinister Fedora x1.2 +90 Sinister Fedora.png
Skeleton Crown x1.3 +15
Skeleton Crown R.png
Sombrero x1.2 +15 Sombrero.png
Space Helmet x1.3 +140 Space Helmet.png
Spider Antlers x1.2 +70 Spider Antlers.png
Wannabe Wizard x1.25 +30 Wannabe Wizard.png

Rare Hats
Hat Name Jump Power Mining Power Mining Power Image
Al Capwn +35 Al Capwn.png
Arctic Commando +5 +30 Arctic Commando.png
Beautiful Black Hair +5 +30 Beautiful Black Hair.png
Beautiful Blonde Hair +5 +30 Beautiful Blonde Hair.png
Beautiful Brown Hair +5 +30 Beautiful Brown Hair.png
Black and Red +5 +30 Black and Red.png
Black Bucket +35 Black Bucket.png
Black Iron King +5 +40 Black Iron King.png
Churro Swordpack +35 Churro Swordpack.png
Cinnamon Hair +5 +30 Cinnamon Hair.png
Clown +10 +45 Clown.png
Frankenstein +5 +40 Frankenstein.png
Golden Hair +5 +30 Golden Hair.png
Howling Wolf +75 Howling Wolf.png
Pixel Wizard +32 Pixel Wizard.png
Purple Icecrown +5 +20 Purple Icecrown.png
Skull Head +50 Skull Head.png

All Hats
Hat Name Jump Power Mining Power Mining Speed Ore Value Rarity
Bunny Ears +400 x2.0 x2.2 Mythical
Clout Goggles +1337 x2.95 x2.5 Mythical
Crimson Dominus +500 x2.0 x2.5 Mythical
Crystal Dominus +750 x2.6 x2.5 Mythical
Demon Tail +700 x2.6 x2.5 Mythical
Essence Wings +600 x2.35 x1.5 Mythical
Fire Tail +600 x2.3 x2.6 Mythical
Frost Tail +650 x2.5 x2.4 Mythical
Golden Wings +550 x3.0 x1.25 Mythical
Halloween Top Hat +700 x2.7 x2.4 Mythical
Headless +800 x2.5 x2.5 Mythical
Ice Dragon Wings +800 x2.5 x2.5 Mythical
Ice Skull +600 x2.65 x2.3 Mythical
Lava Hair +600 x2.65 x2.3 Mythical
Lightning Dominus +450 x2.25 x1.5 Mythical
Magma Top Hat +800 x2.5 x2.5 Mythical
Magma Wings +760 x2.9 x2.8 Mythical
Midnight Reaper +800 x2.65 x2.6 Mythical
Phantom Dominus +550 x2.3 x2.7 Mythical
Sinister M +750 x2.7 x2.4 Mythical
Skeletal Wings +700 x2.7 x2.4 Mythical
Storm Dominus +750 x2.0 x1.35 Mythical
Vampire King +600 x2.65 x2.3 Mythical
Water Wings +500 x2.3 x2.6 Mythical
Wings of a Patriot +750 x2.9 x2.5 Mythical
Wings of Fire +400 x2.6 x2.2 Mythical
Angelic Wings x2.0 x1.3 Legendary
Azurewrath +325 x1.8 Legendary
Bacon Hair +125 x1.5 x1.4 Legendary
Blue Sparkle Time +10 +70 x1.65 Legendary
Bluesteel Fedora +5 +100 x1.35 Legendary
Boss White Hat +550 Legendary
Chef Hat +100 x1.4 x1.4 Legendary
Cyber Dominus +300 x1.45 x1.2 Legendary
Dominus Astra +100 x1.1 Legendary
Dominus Aureus +125 x1.4 x1.3 Legendary
Dominus Empyreus +5 +60 x1.45 Legendary
Dominus Frigidus +50 x1.1 Legendary
Dominus Infernus +250 Legendary
Dominus Messor x1.35 x1.6 Legendary
Dominus Praefectus +50 x1.6 x1.3 Legendary
Dominus Rex x1.65 x1.5 Legendary
Dominus Vespertilio +250 x1.3 Legendary
Doombringer +75 x1.9 x1.5 Legendary
Electric Dominus x1.8 x1.1 Legendary
Fire Dominus +50 x1.5 Legendary
Galaxy Dominus x2.25 Legendary
Green Sparkle Time +10 +80 x1.55 Legendary
Ice Crown x2.2 Legendary
Interstellar Wings +100 x1.8 x1.4 Legendary
JJ5x5's White Top Hat +150 x1.25 Legendary
Lady of the Federation +5 +150 x1.5 Legendary
OOF Head +250 x1.5 x1.6 Legendary
Orange Sparkle Time +150 x1.4 Legendary
Patriotic Dominus +250 x2.1 x1.4 Legendary
Pink Sparkle Time +125 x1.6 Legendary
Plasma Dominus +25 x2.1 x1.5 Legendary
Purple Sparkle Time +75 x1.1 Legendary
Rainbow Shaggy +75 x1.1 Legendary
Red Bandana x2.2 Legendary
Red Grind +300 x1.5 Legendary
Red Sparkle Time +100 x1.1 x1.45 Legendary
Scary Hood +225 x1.1 Legendary
Shadow Dominus +100 x1.5 x1.9 Legendary
Sky Blue Sparkle Time Fedora +125 Legendary
Sparkle Time Valkyrie +350 x1.4 Legendary
The Dusekkar +450 x1.75 Legendary
Tix Dominus +200 x1.75 x1.5 Legendary
Wanwood Antlers +3 +50 Legendary
Wanwood Shades +325 x1.8 Legendary
White Sparkle Time +50 x1.5 Legendary
Amethyst Headphones x1.1 Epic
Black Sparkle Time +5 +35 Epic
Blackvalk +6 +50 Epic
Bluesteel Domino Crown x1.1 Epic
Chrysophylax +15 Epic
Dark Assassin x1.1 Epic
Dark Lord +60 Epic
Disgraced Baron of the Federation +5 x1.1 Epic
Domino Crown +10 x1.1 Epic
Duke Federation x1.1 Epic
Emerald Headphones x1.1 Epic
Fallen Federation +35 x1.15 Epic
Gladiator +40 x1.1 Epic
Kleos x1.2 Epic
Pink Diamond Headphones +25 x1.1 Epic
Red Domino +20 x1.1 Epic
Rubywrath Dragon +40 Epic
Sapphire Headphones +30 x1.1 Epic
Al Capwn +35 Rare
Arctic Commando +5 +30 Rare
Beautiful Black Hair +5 +30 Rare
Beautiful Blonde Hair +5 +30 Rare
Beautiful Brown Hair +5 +30 Rare
Black and Red +5 +30 Rare
Black Bucket +35 Rare
Black Iron King +5 +40 Rare
Cinnamon Hair +5 +30 Rare
Golden Hair +5 +30 Rare
Purple Icecrown +5 +30 Rare
Bandit +20 Unique
Cookie Crown +20 Unique
Golden Headphones +20 Unique
Illumivision Mystic +10 Unique
Princess Top Hat +5 Unique
Silver Star Crown +3 +2 Unique
White Beanie with Rainbow Hair +25 Unique
Bling Clock +5 Common
Cotton Candy Hair +3 Common
Egg Charm Necklace 2015 +5 Common
Galaxy Hair +5 Common
Icecream Hair +6 Common
Lika Boss +10 Common
Lika Troll +10 Common
Living Art: A New President +5 Common
Rainbow Hair +5 +5 Common
Starlet Disguise +6 Common

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