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β€’ 2d


im op lol

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β€’ 3/10/2019

issacs creation

im here to trade my issacs creation for a crystal and patriotic dominus add me at bjax1

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β€’ 3/6/2019
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β€’ 3/3/2019


If You Don't Get The Pic Let Me Explain

I'm A Mythical Miner Rank I Was About To Reach 400,000 And I Really Wanted That Rank BUT SADLY I NEED 100,000 MORE WAAA!!!

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β€’ 3/2/2019

Proposal for MM

Hey everyone! I have a proposal so you can cross-trade. Check the image below for my idea. I was thinking they would have to be EXTREMELY trustworthy. Leave a comment on whether they should have 3 vouches, 4 vouches, or 5 vouches to mm (opinion).

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β€’ 2/28/2019


I got scammed by Mining Sim and Wolf, aka Pepper in Mining Sim Wiki, well it was pretty much the game's fault. I didn't received the pets. The only reason I'm blaming Wolf (A LITTLE) is because she doesn't want to give my pets back since I got scammed by the game. xd :c

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β€’ 2/28/2019

Help me

So I was trading with Pepper, AKA Wolf. We kept leaving and joining Bubblegum Sim and Mining Sim cause we were cross trading. She gave me pets from Mining Sim, and I gave her pets from Bubblegum Sim. So while we were trading, she gave me UFO, Midnight Horror, Cursed Horns, and Twitch Clout. I am sure that I received those items, but I noticed that I don't have those stuff in my inventory after we were done trading. I chatted her and I'm waiting for her to reply. Also, the other stuff she traded me we're in my inventory, so I'm pretty sure it was a glitch. Maybe it was because we kept leaving and joining. Please reply if you know what happened/ or if you can help me. Thank you!

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β€’ 2/25/2019

New Wiki. Please Help!

So I need help. I didn't know where else to ask this. But since I couldn't find a wiki for slaying simulator, I made one myself. If you are one of the staff members here, and have experience with making pages and whatnot, I would love your help. Also, I need to learn how to admin people. Slaying Simulator wiki

Slaying Simulator Wiki
Slaying Simulator Wiki @getfandom
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β€’ 2/24/2019


When are we going to get more quests? We have only had 2 on the last 5 months, those two were devided in to 3 but still. We have two new worlds with no npc

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β€’ 2/23/2019
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β€’ 2/21/2019
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β€’ 2/21/2019

Im aiming on becoming a discussion mod

What are the requirements

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β€’ 2/21/2019
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β€’ 2/17/2019


there's this thing in the earth world, what is it?

you have to change the tiles from black and white but do we get something if we get the right code?

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β€’ 2/17/2019

How are the miners of the day determined?

Are they updated daily based on who came in what place, or real-time hourly?

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β€’ 2/16/2019

A little oopsie

I bought a pickaxe from the food world and my christmas sword is gone is there any way to get it back?

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β€’ 2/16/2019
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β€’ 2/14/2019
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β€’ 2/12/2019

do you like Christmas event?

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β€’ 2/11/2019

Is This A Good Trade?

This Girl Wants to Trade This With Me But Idk If It's Values

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